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Airsoft Great Britian Facebook Group

We post on our Facebook Group on a daily bases, please feel free to come and join us and find out what is happening with Airsoft.

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Because of the rules on Facebook from time to time the group could be shutdown, so please make sure you are on the email list here.

We will use this list to promote events, products and up and coming information about Airsoft.

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NEW comers to Airsoft

Our recommended starter pack for starting out in airsoft should included the following:

  • Face-mask
  • Eye Protection
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Trousers
  • Thick Top
  • Boots

If you have never tried airsoft then the above is a recommended list for trying it for the first time. Weapons will be provided at the venue, you are attending.

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This video below is a typical airsoft game being played, just to give you an example of what happens in airsoft.